Illustration- Advertising, Promotional, Business, Corporate

Lois Blackburn’s illustrations, have humor. they lighten subjectstell stories, sell products andbrighten days!

Her work will communicate your message in the most effective way possible. She will work closelywith you to develop your project in the way that suits your business unique style.

Lois’s illustrations have appeared in magazines, books, newspapers, posters and corporate publications from coast to coast. They are executed in a unique blend of traditional silk painting,batik with digital media.

Illustrations are scanned into a computer and manipulated, meaning you can have finished artwork and roughs by email, CD or DVD

The illustrations use a unique methods of working- using batik on silk, these paintings are scanned into a computer and manipulated, it gives Lois’s work a lushness of colour andspontaneity of line that is eye grabbing.

The illustrations have a soft edge but strong graphic image. Lois specializes in consumer items.

Her illustration clients include The Times, The Spectator, The Big Issue. With a advertising campaign for Darlington Council. I am used to a fast turnaround and have never missed a deadline.

For a examples of Lois’s illustration on paper or to discuss any of ideas:

Contact Lois on tel 01663 744 113 or mobile 0788 - 764 8244